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Are you:
Unable to reach a healthy weight while doing all the “right” things?

Wanting to make lifestyle changes but don’t know where to start?

Confused by all the latest fads?  paleo vs keto vs dontknow
Stuck in a cycle of Yo-Yo dieting?
Confused by food choices?

Wishing you knew what to look for and what to avoid when reading labels?

Wanting a simple, easy exercise program that maximizes fat burning in minimum time?

Struggling with the “Brain Game”?

Wanting to do a Cleanse but don’t know where to start or need some support?

Seeking guidance on how to live a cleaner healthier lifestyle?

If you said yes to any of the above then

 MetamorphU has the program that you’re looking for!

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DetoxU is exactly what it says, but at the level that is right for you. Detoxing can be harsh if you get in over your head. We’ll help you assess where you fit in, and support you as you do a total body cleanse. We’ll provide you with sample menus, a basic grocery list, and some liver healthy recipes. You’ll get the skinny on detoxing! We’ll help you clean house, reset your metabolism, and prep your body for a Jumpstart. Your organs work hard, and they deserve a vacation. Our 10 Day Cleanse will provide just that. We don’t recommend harsh colon cleanses that keep you running (literally). Our DetoxU program is designed to be fun! Whether you are a U-be Newbie or an Extremer, the end result will set the stage for a New You! NOW is the time to enroll in DetoxU. We are “upgrading” the program to include some webinars, and developing an ebook. Register now and you will be grandfathered in…but at the outrageously low original price of just $10!

JumpstartU – includes – DetoxU (7 days) and 21 days of Habit Forming Healthy Changes,  a private Facebook group for inspiration and accountability, an Initial Consult, & 2 group coaching calls. We’ll help you with a personalized muscle sculpting program, give you lots of healthy recipes to choose from, empower you to kick your bad habits to the curb, and teach you how to renew your mind so that you can make lifelong changes. While it is not as in depth or robust as the 12 week program, we’ll give you a track to run on, and help you gear up for success. We are excited to be offer this one month program  for only $99!  OR for a limited time……While we know the program is worth far more than that we are offering it at a discounted price for ONLY $28 as the 28 Day Reset Program without the consult and coaching! Use this link to register now before we change our minds!! If you want the coaching too, see below for link to the entire JumstartU program.

With Our 90 Day MetamorphU program you’ll receive:

  • A Private Coaching Call
  • 12 Weekly group coaching calls (~1 hr)
  • access to recordings so you can relisten later
  • Daily accountability in a private group  via Facebook
  • Recommended Food Lists
  • Encouragement via Facebook group posts and texts
  • Access via text and private message for the duration of the program
  • Bonus Webinars
  • A blueprint to WIN the “Brain Game” that sabotages the best intentions along the journey to better health
  • Insight into the nutritional, physical, and emotional stumbling blocks that hinder weight release and success in all areas of life
  • Plus MUCH MORE!

Click an option below to sign-up today:

I don’t need coaching…. just a detox plan and online support: DetoxU 10 Day Cleanse ($10.00)

I don’t need much coaching…. but I’d like to have a little guidance: JumpstartU with some coaching- $99 (includes DetoxU)

I don’t need help detoxing or clean eating, but I need a coaching and accountability program to help me learn how to have lifelong success: MetamorphU “Classic” 90-day Total Transformation – $400

Oh, what the heck, just give me all you’ve got! This is a never offered before access to ALL programs (current and future) option. I may decide I am crazy and pull this offer, but for now you can become an Elite Lifetime Client for only $599

And if you are an Alumni and would like to upgrade to the Elite program, message Dee Dee here or on Facebook.

Meet Your Coaches:


Dee Dee Shaw — a Certified Weight Management Coach since 2007 & involved in the wellness industry for almost 2 decades. She is an expert on nutrition and natural solutions with lots of experience with pregnancy health and postpartum weight release.  She’s a mom of 14, and has impacted thousands of lives through her coaching business, and has spoken and trained from stages across North America. She’s also known as the creator of “Skinny Dipping”, which is an amazing detox bath that can literally help you soak yourself slimmer.



Dr. Gayla Gates brings to the team a wealth of knowledge, as well as her own recent transformation. She is a Family Medicine Physician who’s passionate about true healing and helping people connect to themselves in mind, body and spirit. She recently left a traditional medical practice to inspire people in the community to take charge of their own health, and we are elated to have her on the team.

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Kriscinda Davis is Passionate about lasting health & healing from the inside out. She believes that when you teach others how to obtain health you give ground for an Abundant Life. Through personal development, active lifestyle and health & wellness we can create endless Possibilities. For many reasons this is a deeply personal journey to her but the most prominent being her son Micah. At the age of 3 he went home to be with the Lord after his valiant fight with brain cancer. Since his death she has battled extreme grief, weight gain, intense pain, and depression. She and her family have journeyed through our Valley of the Shadow of Death, and learned to Live again. She found hope, health, and restoration that began as a prayer and its answer had its beginnings in nutrition. Kriscinda has been married to her love for 16 years, is mom of 5, an Overcomer & a Freedom Fighter. She enjoys nature, design, fitness, photography, writing and so much of Life… “what’s not to love when it begins again!”

Jared Leland loves helping people with their own transformations when he isn’t working onset somewhere. His latest endeavors have him working with The Avengers. His transformation started when he met Dee Dee, but he didn’t stop there. He lives and promotes a Vegan lifestyle,a and loves teaching people how to get in shape physically without equipment. That body was built without weight lifting, and without meat protein!

Absolutely loved Detox U, It gave me the power to win at the brain game. I continued to eat whole and healthy and not crave all the sweets and processed food. I saw an increase in energy which I have never seen before! The support was amazing and would highly recommend it to everyone!

Christy M

Coming up to the end of my cleanse! I have lost 7lbs but I’m more excited that I’ve been “Cow” Dairy Free and will continue being for the next 20 days. Thank you so much to DeeDee Shaw and Dori Jones Peterson for all your tips, tricks and encouragement…. Looking forward to 2016 and making me the best me possible… Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Sending blessings of encouragement to all in DetoxU!

Nicole L