Black Friday Special


I am not a fan of shopping on Black Friday. In fact, I despise shopping on “the day after” whether it be Thanksgiving or Christmas, even though there are some amazing deals. 

I was thinking about my aftermath from eating just a few bites of traditional Thanksgiving fare, and renewed commitment to eat healthy and all my ruminating spawned an idea. 

At the beginning of the year we launched a program called DetoxU. 10 days. 10 dollars. 

Learn more about it here:  DetoxU – 10 Day Cleanse – Set Yourself Up for Success in 2016!

I have been procrastinating about revamping the program for months, and here we are in the final stretch of 2016. I am in the process of turning the program into a book, and have a self-imposed deadline of Dec 31st. I would really like to generate a lot more testimonials between now and then, and in order to do that I need to help more people.

I know you are wondering, “What’s the deal?” I really can’t discount the low low price of $10 but I can add some bonuses to make it more irresistible!

  • If are not already using the nutritional supplements I use, I will mail you a sample of our nutrition, detox tea, and 4 days of XM3 (which has earned the hashtag #poundadaypill for its amazing ability to balance the thyroid and restart the metabolism.) This is a $20 value!
  • 30 minute consultation to address any personal questions you might have and give you tips on how to maximize your success and achieve your goals, invaluable!
  • $100 off our signature course – MetamorphU – a 12 week program that will provide you with the knowledge and tools to win, achieve your goals, and make a shift that will give you lifelong results in all arenas of life. OR
  • $25 off JumpstartU (21 days)

I am also running a special 90 Day Challenge where you can be a part of the #NaturalHealthRevolution and participate in a MetamorphU group for FREE. Nutritional support cost will be around $200 per month… and along with that you save $400 on coaching! I can even show you how to get your product paid for by sharing with others. This is an ongoing special through the month of December.


Note – if you decide to join and we aren’t facebook friends, please request to join the group DetoxU 10 Day Cleanse so that I can easily add you.

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