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Absolutely loved Detox U, It gave me the power to win at the brain game. I continued to eat whole and healthy and not crave all the sweets and processed food. I saw an increase in energy which I have never seen before! The support was amazing and would highly recommend it to everyone!


Christy M

I have to say this experience has been Amazing I got the Jumpstart I have been craving and looking for finally found it with Detox U ! I have released 13 lbs !! I have absolutely no craving for processed foods . I have food prepped and I am enjoying this journey .This has been my first cleanse and have told everyone about it ! But who I am most proud of is my mom she has followed as well and is doing Wonderful! The support has been amazing and the group support terrific!

Kristen C

As someone who has never done a Detox before – I thought it was a great plan to follow – i started as a newbie then moved myself into the full cleanse by the end. The support was great and I would recommend it to anyone that wanted to start cleansing their body.

Kathleen O

(DetoxU program)…. is possibly the best $10 I’ve ever spent. (unless we win the #lottery)

Devon O

The best part of Detox U has been the advice and coaching. There is a difference between wanting and doing. And for the first time I want to do it. I want to eat and live it. Detox U showed my brain and body how good it feels to get on a healthy track and make better choices. Being a part of a group and knowing you are not alone is an amazing feeling. Thank you!!!

Carol J

This experience has been just great for me!! I have been able to continue eating whole and healthy without feeling like I was missing anything!! I am so excited to continue to incorporate all the amazing clean recipes, and master tonic to my everyday diet!!! This extra cleanse was just what I needed to give my health journey a extra boost!! The support was amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone!! #DetoxU

Anica D

#detoxU was an empowering experience for me. Not only did it jumpstart my new year and healthy eating goals, but I realized that I was mentally and physically stronger than I thought I was. My body loved me for it!

Micah A

The #DetoxU program was a stress-free way to start my health journey. I was never hungry and feel better than I have in my whole life. It is absolutely worth the investment

Elizabeth Z

Coming up to the end of my cleanse! I have lost 7lbs but I’m more excited that I’ve been “Cow” Dairy Free and will continue being for the next 20 days. Thank you so much to DeeDee Shaw and Dori Jones Peterson for all your tips, tricks and encouragement…. Looking forward to 2016 and making me the best me possible… Spiritually, Mentally and Physically. Sending blessings of encouragement to all in DetoxU!

Nicole L